Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011.01.25 Tuesday

Back to work. Was I ready for it? Kind of. I still feel like I need to be careful about my eating, and a bit on the weak side. Oddly enough, I feel mentally refreshed by all the purging. I feel like I have a more clear head, and able to multitask a bit better. My only guess is that is had something to do with running on adrenaline.

Well, today started the second class in my Software Systems Graduate Certificate program. This semester will be Object-Oriented Methodology. Objects in programming have never been that great for me. I feel like I understand completely what is being taught, but never see the application of what is being described. I also like to know how things work (I watch How It's Made, How Stuff Works, and Mythbusters all the time), and bringing objects into programming is for the purpose of NOT knowing how something works. The professor said during lecture that a typical programmer can "memorize" between five thousand and ten thousand lines of code, otherwise things start getting lost. Objects help group things into logical chunks so you can just get the functionality you need from the code without having to dig down. We'll see how this turns out... Oh and just a couple days after being sick from pizza/pudding, I'm already eating pizza.

Back at home I didn't really do much. Played a little Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2. I have no concrete proof, but I'm fairly certain that we were playing against a team that had a cheater or two. Funny that games have evolved so much, and cheating hasn't been dissolved.


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