Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011.01.22 Saturday

Today Hasbrobi coordinated an event of Disc Golf, or Frisbee Golf, or Frolf. So we stopped by Disc zone, a shop in Austin that specializes in disc golf gear. Then we went out to Mary Moore Searight Park.

During the 18 holes, I found out two things: One, the driver discs require someone to have a reasonably good form and strength. And Two, I can tomahawk throw more consistently and further than a regular "backhand" throw. I'm going to need to practice some more.

For a late lunch, we stopped by P. Terry's near Barton Springs rd. Delicious.

I met up with Kelc and Lindsey and Jon at Kelc's house. From there we stopped by the grocery store and Sonic for food, then headed out to the lakehouse.

It didn't take long for guests to show up. We played games, mostly in the dark. Coleman started freaking out that his WoW account was being hacked, which then led him to believe his email and bank account had been hacked. I felt the situation was rather comical, but also alarming.

Not long after, I passed out.

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