Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011.01.12 Wednesday

I can't wait to go on vacation already, even though we just had Christmas/New Years. I've felt so drained lately, just no energy left to do anything. Maybe it's because of this cold and gloomy weather.

At work I ate a ton of clementines. Ok so not a literal ton, but nine. For lunch I had a salad. Sounds somewhat healthy?

Kelc cooked up dinner tonight. Spinach Lasagna Rolls on a beef tomato sauce, a side of chopped green beans, and french bread. Very nice presentation. The first roll I ate had a weird chewy part, but I still ended up eating 3. Dessert was Blue Bell Ice Cream (the best kind of ice cream is Blue Bell). I added a clementine to my bowl of ice cream.

We made a run out to Target to pick up random things and walk around. I found some hand warmers that should work rather nicely for the upcoming ski trip.

On my way home, I saw probably 6 police cars. Seemed like nobody was really out on the road, so I don't know what is going on. Maybe they were bored, or doing training. Actually, I trailed behind one that was going into my neighborhood area, so I'm assuming they are just checking out various areas. Anyways, once I arrived at home I rather quickly found myself falling asleep.

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Unknown said...

It's not healthy if you're not getting a good distribution of your food pyramid bro!