Monday, January 17, 2011

2011.01.16 Sunday

Woke up late. That felt nice.

Not too long after waking up, I had one of those realization moments (the kind where your internal voice lets out a long "fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu"). Justin had a show last night that I could have gone to, and I was feeling pretty bored at the end of the day so it would have been nice to get out. Completely slipped my mind that it was happening. I'll have to remember for next time.

Packed up a few things and headed out for dinner with the parents and family. I had to make a pit stop at HEB for some extra food items. HEB Plus at 620 and Anderson Mill Rd gets terribly congested in the middle of the day, and is completely empty by evening time. I actually had to park as far away from the store as possible while other people waited for people at their cars for the 'good spots'. I also don't like how the added light on 620 impedes traffic (not that this is anything new). The only forgiving trait was that the express lanes were actually short, meaning people understand that they shouldn't bring a ton of groceries through the express lanes.

Lunch consisted of a garden salad with shredded carrots, bow-tie pasta tossed with pesto sauce and red pepper chicken, green beans seasoned with bacon drippings, garlic and basil bread, pita chips with four pepper hummus, and a 2009 bottle of Casillero del Diablo cabernet sauvignon. For dessert, clementines (nature's candy). It's fun being able to contribute to a meal, and feast with friends and family. My brother actually brought his girlfriend over to meet with the family. It was interesting to finally meet her after knowing about her over a year.

We played some Xbox360 Kinect, then New Super Mario Bros Wii. And watched the Patriots lose to the Jets. I don't know what it is about the Patriots, but they just are not one of my favorite teams.

Eventually made my way home. Kelc and I started the movie Sunshine. I thought the movie was going to be completely ridiculous and laughable, but I SO SILLY. We only made it about 30 minutes into the movie and I was very surprised with the presentation thus far. Kelc fell asleep, so I thought it better to save the rest for later.

I played some Minecraft. Tee Hee. Lately, Ive been working on doing quite a bit of terra-forming. Right now, most of my work is focused on my 4th base. I have a huge farm of trees set up, a rather large above-and-below ground 'temple' that has a mob-grinder feeding in some resources, and a sky-scraping tower to monitor my plot of land. With the latest additions, I'm finding some of them to be useful since it wastes some of the rare resources on pointless objects. Although the music box sounds like fun.. I haven't tried it out yet.

Late into the night, the movie Remember The Daze came on Showtime. I'm pretty sure the title is paying homage to Dazed and Confused, and is trying to be an updated-for-the-new-kids remake of a movie. The movie made me giggle so much. It's so ridiculous.


Unknown said...

Two things:

1) Lunch or dinner? You contradict yourself in your entry and I SIMPLY MUST KNOW WHICH YOU MEANT!

2) You should change your links so they're more readily apparent. I barely caught the wine link because it's a subtle color shift

AndySk8inMan said...

Sunday meals at my parents usually means one slightly larger late lunch, or early dinner. I'm not sure why, but they like to take it easy Sunday night, instead of dealing with dishes.

So in a sense, it was both lunch and dinner for that big meal around 3pm.

(I also ate more of the food around 8, so I did actually get a lunch and dinner of the same food)

and for 2), noted. Will be considering a new layout.