Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011.01.23 Sunday

Woke up and hung out with some friends. These friends tend to leave super early in the morning leaving me to wake up to an empty house, so this was a new experience. We chatted, watched some NHL, and some of the Packers - Bears game.

Kelc and I cooked up a pizza for lunch, then took a nap during the second half of the football game. Woke up, finished up our business and headed to her (regular) house.

There, we got set up to watch the Steelers - Jets game and eat Rudy's BBQ. The game turned out in the Steeler's favor. Then something went askew, not with the game, but with Kelc and myself. We both felt pretty terrible. That's went Kelc started making frequent trips to the bathroom to purge the badness from herself. I felt like crap, but wasn't purging anything so I went home.

By the time I arrived at home, I could tell a storm was coming. I couldn't sleep, but was tired. I ended up distracting myself with Arrested Development, TV and Minecraft until the contents of my stomach were involuntarily purged. I was up way too late in the night taking care of myself and feeling like garbage.

This week is off to a great start.

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