Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011.01.18 Tuesday

Today just felt slow in general. Pretty tired most of the day too, because I stayed up late watching Sunshine. I shouldn't really blame the movie though, because I didn't even feel sleepy.

After work today, I had the option of going for a run. I also had the option of NOT going on a run today. I did the latter. So why didn't I run? Partially because my body feels drained, but also my muscles need recovery time. I ran with a different pair of shoes, and my lower legs are sore. Who knew that shoes can have an impact on the way your body moves.

I vacuumed some. Getting tired of pulling long brown hairs from my feet in the morning. Also played some Minecraft. I found a couple utilities; one is for backing up your "worlds" to a compressed file, and the other makes a bird's-eye view of your world. I'll have to post a few pictures to share with the world.

I made some taco meat and pasta for dinner. Protein and carbs.

Kelc came over, we watched a little bit of TV, but fell asleep somewhat early.

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