Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010.06.01 Tuesday

Back to work. Things definitely felt a bit slower to get going today, but hey, 4 days off will mess with the momentum of business.

Decided I have nothing to eat at the house. I cooked some rice for dinner. That's right, just rice. I need to go to the store soon. Took care of some chores around the house, paid bills, etc.

On my way home from the grocery store, consider that this was around 10:30-11pm at night, I was taken aback by something. So much, in fact, that I decided to write a little poem about it.
Crazy girl walking around at night
With your tight pants and top of white
Surprised to see you in my headlight

What were you doing out so late
Were you visiting a favorite mate
And is the name they call you Kate

You are such a stranger
Putting yourself out in such danger
And I 'aint no Texas Ranger

I would offer you a ride
And doubt you would abide
But then I could say I tried

I hope you made it home
Not raped by some small gnome
Things get crazy past gloam

Finished up some artwork. It's replacing a print that was given to me a long time ago by a long gone friend. Well, not replacing, but covering up.
*update* Decided to post a picture of the final results. I realize there is no size reference, but I'm pretty sure it's 16"x20". There is also a slight glare since it is covered with a shiny plastic cover. Enjoy...

Wide awake, but it's bed time. Hmm...

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