Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010.06.03 Thursday

The week is already rolling to its end. Quite painlessly actually.Super groggy in the morning. To be expected, but not desired.

Skipped the gym and lunch today. I should stop doing that.

After work, stopped by HEB and had to help myself to another steak. I got a top round steak (bit tougher than most cuts) for a bit over 3 bucks. Also cooked up some fresh corn, leftover rice, and made a gravy. Balluh!

Worked on some music for the first time in months. Makes sense how artists come out with albums so spread out. Capitalism encourages shitty music. Artists know what's up.

Took some pictures of my plants for you guys.
Group (and some foot)Tomato #1
Tomato #2Jalapeno Pepper
Cayenne Pepper

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Kelcey said...

the plants look awesome!

I was afraid the jalapeno and sunflower were gonna flop