Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010.06.05 Saturday

Woke up reasonably early. Today is Kevin's graduation, but Kelc doesn't even know if she is going. I don't mind the first half, but the name calling part is too boring.

I brought the chicken taco soup, and the ingredients to make guacamole over to my parents house. Both recipes turned out really good this time.

Then helped my dad clean up the mustang some. It's weird to see how much that car has deteriorated in just 10 years. The truck is a '95 and still runs like a champ. The 4-runner is an '01 and is in very good shape (but it was also in a garage just sitting).

Spent some time with the family. My brother had a fever or something that was going around his office. People should learn to take sick time when they are sick, instead of endangering the entire office. Or we should all do business electronically? I contend that this will eventually be how business shifts, but it might take a while to do that.

Back to my place, more games and fun. Then snooze.

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