Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010.06.23 Wednesday

I woke up with less discomfort today. I wouldn't say that everything is fine though. My skin is just terribly dry by morning. Guess I'll lotion up.

Work went by without an issue.

Went to our kickball game. And damn, we kicked some balls. After the first 10 points, I didn't feel so happy about scoring anymore. The team we played against just played right before; they had a double-header. I also think they were part of some corporate team, so probably didn't have the best selection of players. Not that that is a bad thing, we're all here to play for fun right? I could tell that they were feeling pretty beat up, but they did a good job. After a few more games, they'll do just fine. Just gotta keep at it.

Went home, and eventually rested my self on top of the object of slumber whereupon I closed my eyes and proceeded to adjust into different cycles of brainwave activity.

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