Monday, June 14, 2010

2010.06.14 Monday

Doesn't quite feel like a Monday. Also, even though I'm on some basic antibiotic, I feel like everything is just different. WHAT IS IT DOING TO ME?

The workday went by kinda fast. That's what happens when you have to run around and talk to people.

Finally updated my profile picture. It's been months. I wanted to try out an 'integrated' look with facebook, but the way facebook scales pictures down wasn't perfect, so it's a tad off. I still like the results though.

Went over to my parents house to help my brother. Only half helped him.

Then went shopping for groceries. I saw Megan at the store, but either she didn't see me, or she was just awkward about it. Oh well. It's about time I got some food to eat. Living on scraps for a bit there.

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