Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010.06.02 Wednesday

Hump day? Doesn't feel like that at all. What. The. Deuce.

I didn't hop into the shower until late. Yeah I'm crazy. Surviving on a handful of hours of sleep. I actually woke up before my alarm, but went back to sleep. Will most def need coffee today.

For dinner... well dinner was a bit different than normal. I went all out and I'm very proud of what I produced. The main course was a 14oz new york strip steak, pan fried to medium with sunflower oil, a steak rub and a dollop of dijon mustard. For side 1, fresh chopped green beans with olive oil and garlic salt cooked until tender. For side 2, left over rice from yesterday, drizzled with gravy from the steak. For dessert, chopped peaches in a caramelized in a brown sugar sauce.

F yeah, that was delicious.

The rest of the evening was a haze.

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