Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010.06.06 Sunday

Well, poo. My mouth hurts. To be more specific, the lip region.

Woke up, ate a quick taco soup breakfast then jumped on the road to get things ready for the party. Whose party? Kevin's party. He only graduated high school. He's done. Their family has sent all their kids through high school successfully. I'm proud of them. Also proud of my family for sending all of us through college. We played games with family and friends. Kelc actually made an awesome graduation video. Lots of good pictures and videos made it on there (a few were lost at some point), and some good music. Looking back, I've known Kevin for a lot longer than it feels. He's a smart kid. He's also in really good shape. I can see him going places.

Ended the day with some Hand'N'Foot.


Kelcey said...
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Kelcey said...

your sentences are really short and it feels like I'm reading one of my students' papers

AndySk8inMan said...

Thanks! Nice to know I can change up my style and people notice.