Monday, June 22, 2009

2009.06.21 Sunday

Happy Father's Day!

Actually I spent very little time with my own father today, but I had a fun time out on the lake with Kelc's family. We did some knee boarding, wake boarding, skiing and tubing. Wake boarding and skiing were new to most of us though. It took me three tries to get up on the wake board, and I still face-planted soon after. Skiing, I lucked out and got up on the first try, but I was completely unbalanced the whole time and my muscles were hating me.

The lake is so dang low right now. Almost all of the public ramps are closed or closing. We borrowed the neighbor's ramp, but that was only in about 2 feet of water, then dropped down 8-10 inches. So we had to launch the boat off by force, and load it up by more force. There wont be any way to go out on the lake in a couple days, unless a hurricane comes through to bring some water. Bummer.

I got home, did laundry, showered up, and shopped for some groceries in record time. Watched a little bit of Mighty Boosh, and then crashed.

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