Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009.06.02 Tuesday

So I woke up from a crazy dream. I'm guess it was semi futuristic. Somehow we discovered these things out in space called "time-slits" or "time-cuts", and it allows you to jump across vast distances of space without requiring the time normally needed. It's almost like shortcuts across the universe. Well, some other universal beings decided to hang out with us and let us see their home planet. Surprisingly it was very similar, and their technological advances were near to our own. For instance, they had multi-story buildings where they lived and collected their belongings. Hanging out on their planet was pretty cool, it was mostly the same, just everything looked slightly different. I can't remember all that happened, but i do remember waking up to my alarm, bleh.

Work was mostly uneventful. I think this is becoming a recurring pattern. Why do people spend their lives like this?

I delivered some equipment, then went out to dinner with some buds. Then fell asleep to Donnie Darko. Good movie.

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