Monday, June 15, 2009

2009.06.15 Monday

5 day work weeks. Let's do some math on this.

Optimistic: 5 days x 8 hrs/day = 40 hrs
7 days x 24 hrs/day = 168 hrs
40/168 = 23.81%

So here, work is only taking up about a
quarter of your life once you start a "full-time" position. That does not sound so bad.

Pessimistic: 8 hrs (work) + 1 hr (commutes) + 0.5 hrs (lunch) + 0.2 hrs (work-related-errands)
= 9.7 hrs/day
5 days * 9.7 hrs/day = 48.5 hrs

48.5/168 = 28.87%
So that's closer to a
third of your life in a full-time job.

Now let's assume you get the amount of sleep the same as people who live the longest...
6.5 hrs x 7 days = 45.5 hrs
and some time for breakfast and dinner
1.5 hrs x 7 days = 10.5 hrs

48.5 + 45.5 + 10.5 = 104.5 hrs
104.5/168 = 62.20%

That only leaves
63 hrs in an entire week to do something besides work-driven. I didn't include anything except the base of an average work week. This was all based on averages I found online. That 63 hrs might sound like a lot... until you start including errands and chores and just watching your favorite TV shows.


Anyways, it's a Monday. Work was normal for the most part. After work i went for a tan/swim session with Kelc. That was fun. Then I met up with Justin to check out a house...potentially a new home for me. Exciting stuff. Then I went to sonic and got the best corn dog ever... from that location. They must have used some older grease in the deep fryer or something. AND the center wasnt cold at all. A+ for once.

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