Monday, June 8, 2009

2009.06.06 Saturday

I woke up fashionably late, 11am. That's actually earlier than I wanted to; my family tends to make a lot of noise once they get up. I guess I'll deal with that just about everywhere I live though.

Today is Kelc's little sister, Korey's, graduation party. My family was invited and actually decided to show up. That's a shock right there. They were hosting the party at the lakehouse, and had lots of food and festivities for everyone. The water was a bit more choppy than usual, so kneeboarding was on the painful side.

I stayed around late to go fishing and hang out with the extended family that was in town. I'm still mad that nobody caught a single fish (besides the minows we were using for bait).

Oh, and sleeping on an air matress that you can audibly hear leaking is awesome.

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