Friday, June 5, 2009

2009.06.05 Friday

Still trying out the new wakeup routine. It doesn't seem like that terrible of a schedule shift.

Work today was the pinnacle of boring. I think out of all the people in the area, 1 person came in to print off a few things. I sat in quietness for 8 hours, by myself, with a computer. Luckily I has internetz.

Then out of nowhere, the guy that has been out all week comes in. He had jury duty. Which sucks. He said the most profound thing right before leaving. "...not something you want to do every week of your life is send someone to prison for the rest of theirs."

Pretty intense. Sort of ties into the themes my brother and I were talking about yesterday, about how royally screwed over you can be if it's a cop's word against yours. I am now an advocate of having video cameras placed on policemen. Honestly, the technology exists, and would clean up some of the judicial system with open and shut cases.

Kelc's family came in from the airport and all of us met up at Mesa Rosa for a fun festive TexMex dinner. I got the chicken taquitos.

Well Kelc spent the day with her family, and I spent the evening wrapping up some chores and then hanging out with Ash, Ray and Marisa amongst other friends. Fun fun.

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