Friday, June 19, 2009

2009.06.19 Friday

Sometime last night, I elbowed Kelc in the nose. Proof that I toss and turn in bed in result of encroachment on my zones. :-P

Work on these rare Fridays is usually pretty fun. There was actually 2 people here today instead of just me and one other guy. Being able to leave early and not worrying about someone breathing down your neck is really relieving, almost feels like I get more work done this way. Well, turns out I had a lot going on today and left late. So my work day started at 7am and ended at 6:15pm. Go work!

My family had some food cooked once I got home. Delicious! Then I spent the evening chatting and hanging out with them. Later on Justin hit me up on the celly, so we went to go hookah for a bit. Things are crazy busy on his end. Also, I think it's weird that we were both really tired that we didnt feel like doing all that much on a Friday night.

So much for being young still.

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