Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009.06.03 Wednesday

Started off the day on a funny note. Kelc: "So i came home, laid down in bed and almost screamed when i saw a huge roach on my ceiling. I called dad in and it flew away. Thinking it was scared into hiding i got back in bed but right before i fell asleep i heard it scurrying around. Dad tried one more time then i decided to sleep on the couch. I wanted my cell so i could text you the story but of course it was in the bug room. So i went in, armed with bug spray and after about 3 minutes of chasing him around the room, keeping up a continuous spray stream, he died. The end. Im now wide awake so im gonna read some then get to work."

I hate roaches too. One came in my office from the ceiling once, crashed onto the floor and disappeared for 30 minutes. Then later crawled up my desk to say hello. I was pretty much crying at that point.

Oh well, hump day. Yippy skippy. The morning went by pretty fast because I had multiple meetings. After work I went running with Kevin. I'm so out of shape. I had an oven pizza that took forever to cook, for dinner. Oh and Sonic had free root beer floats, yum.

And that about wraps up my day.

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