Monday, April 15, 2013

2013.03.29 Friday

Today's agenda: A wondrous golf outing with my brother and dad.  We drove out to Highland Lakes golf course.  I guess winter and spring have been wet enough that the grass isn't crunchy and brown, so that's nice.  I par'd the first hole, which to me is quite surprising since my first few swings usually are garbage.  Overall I did pretty well, made some solid hits the entire 18 holes.  I tried focusing on just easy swings, being calm, and not trying to kill the ball.

Followed up the golf with lunch at tortilla factory.  Reminded me a lot of Taco C, but bigger and better presentation.

Back home, tired.

Late outing to Kerbey Lane with friends. Then back home for a quick round of Cards Against Humanity.

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