Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013.03.08 Friday

Woke up fashionably late.  I decided to check and see if I could remote-connect to work, but I'm still having to do it a cludgy way since IT broke something.  Grrrr.  Used some time to clear up a bunch of messages and get things organized.

Next on the agenda is cleaning the house some.  Within a week, we have hair clumps floating about.  Maybe a roomba wouldnt be a terrible idea... maybe.  The house isn't that big/unmanageable.

Next, washing dishes that have piled up.  Then shower.  Then HEB for some groceries.

Back home, played some games with Hasbro.

Kelc arrived at home, we made a quick trip over to Hasbro's to drop off something, then I went to go get a much needed haircut.

Back home, preparing for the trip and updating my blog.

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