Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013.03.11 Monday (New Mexico)

Woke up nervous, but less so than Saturday.  Invited out to breakfast but I declined because I wasn't feeling well.  We made a quick trip to Frontier instead.

We were ahead of schedule, but the car was blocked into the parking spot by a big truck doing something with sewage that smelled pretty bad.  This made me a little more nervous, but not terribly so. Instead we spent some time at the library/bookstore on campus.

Dropped off the rental car, shuttled over to airport, went through security, then arrived at the gate... to wait.  We had a chunk of extra time.  And this time around we were much higher up in the boarding line.

Flew to Houston, which felt substantially longer than the other flights.

With our layover in Hobby, we stopped by an airport restaurant to see an old acquaintance, Oscar.  Lots has happened since the last time we hung out.

Waited around a while, then flew to Austin.  Hopped of the plane right next to Ruta Maya... there we said hi to Ruth for the people we met in Albuquerque.  Crazy world.

And of course, we had to enjoy some good Austin eats, Thunder Cloud for dinner.

Kelc and I went to go pick up our bags and ... nothing.  Cool.  We had to talk to a Southwest luggage agent to track them down, and schedule a drop-off at home.  The layover in Houston should have been plenty of time to load it up, but when we thought about it, that plane pulled in, unloaded people as fast as possible, then reloaded people, then took off.  Guess the luggage is sitting elsewhere.

Shuttled over to the hotel, then a quick drive home.  We vegged out with a couple episodes of Breaking Bad, then bed time.

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