Friday, March 8, 2013

2013.03.03 Sunday

This morning was focused on a house cleanup.  The animal living among us is very good at creating and releasing hair.  Somehow that hair ends up in my face at random times throughout the day.  Bleh.

Did some laundry, watched tons of Dr Who, and did some work that I know will be needed and loved in the near future.

Kelc came home, we watched most of Pitch Perfect.  The Blu-Ray that Netflix sent had an almost crack going through most of a radius.  I didn't notice until we were halfway through the movie and it was just frozen completely.  We ended up skipping a handful of chapters and watching the ending.  There are a ton of one-liners from the movie... that I suspect the general population would not pick up as a reference.  Other than that, just another happy-funny-competition movie.

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