Monday, July 22, 2013

2013.07.14 Sunday

Watched Harry Potter 7. Picked up some Chipotle. Watched Harry Potter 8.

Thoughts on the Harry Potter movies: It's surprising how they don't feel as long as they actually are. I can't say I got very excited about wizards and witches, part of that is because it seems like they make up new things every movie to help out the story-line.  I did like how the movies did seem to fit into a grand arch, while having a mini arch of their own.  There are some parts where the movies lack what I can only assume the book fills in much better, for instance it seems like out of nowhere the characters have relationships with one another.  The final ending also has a few parts where it seems like the characters are dismissive about the major actions they are taking.  Overall, many times better than Twilight.

Played some TF2 into the late evening.  Watched some Doctor Who and had my mind completely blown.  Kelc went to trivia.

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