Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013.03.09 Saturday (New Mexico)

Most of the preparations for the journey were done last night, but I still had some last-minute things to do.  And of course, I woke up before my alarm and was a bit worked up about getting everywhere on time.

Kelc drive us to the hotel, I didn't feel good most of this morning.  From the hotel, we caught the shuttle to airport.  We took the new security line they opened up, which was very short, but off in the corner.

We were early for our flight by a fair margin, which is good and not good at the same time.  Kelc ate some breakfast, I sat there feeling crappy.

Quick zoom over to Dallas Lovefield airport, Southwest's major hub.  Wasn't there for very long, then zoom over to ABQ.  The pilot actually had to try twice to land here, because there were sheer winds throwing off his approach.  I could tell people around me were getting nervous, I was already there the entire time yo.

Picked up our rental car, quick few-minute drive over to the hotel.  The room was nice, but didn't have a fridge or microwave.  I'm spoiled.

We spent the afternoong in "old town", a kind of touristy market place.  There we stopped by a few stores, then to our main goal, the rattlesnake museum.  There they had all kinds of poisonous creatures.  Some were cool, some not.

Headed back to the hotel to relax a bit, then get dressed for our upcoming dinner plans...

A Murder Mystery Dinner!  It was pretty fun, but more like a semi-interactive play while being served a meal.  The setting for the play was in a restaurant, and obviously one of the characters die, so the audience gets a paper to write their guess down, potentially winning a prize.  The meal they served was pretty good, and the people we sat with were very cool.

Back to the hotel, tired, watched some SNL.

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