Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013.03.18 Monday

Normal work.  Home earlier than usual. Yay.

Trees are dropping leaves like no other. Raked some up, again.

Goofed around a bit, then went to HEB for groceries.  While I was walking in, a guy was walking out quickly with a basket packed full of beer.  An HEB employee ran up to him and grabbed the basket.  He kept walking and didn't break eye-contact with the horizon, then once he was around the corner, took off running.  Everything happened so fast, but I realized that he was trying to make a beer run.  Man, that's just wrong.  I actually thought about running after him, but it's not like he got away with anything, he just tried to be a dick.

Back home, watched a Doctor Who episode, then bed time.

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