Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013.03.24 Sunday

Slept in, because you know... weekend. Cooked up some breakfast for the broski.

I spent some of the morning playing some games, while still trying to ignore the fact that my next computer is somewhere out in the world not getting the proper amount of attention.

Cleaned up the kitchen area, then logged in to get ahead on some work.  Also able to watch some Doctor Who while doing that.  Eventually got tired of that, and switched over to some PBS channel, and they were playing a series of NASA related shows.  VERY AWESOME.  Kelc tried to get me to go to trivia.  Hmmm... feel stupid and not contribute to the team for trivia, or watch awesome footage from when we went to the moon.  Tough choice.

Kelc came back home from trivia, and I convinced her to do a late night grocery run.

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