Friday, May 31, 2013

2013.05.19 Sunday

Brunch outing to Luby's to celebrate my dad's birthday.  My brother wasn't feeling to great so he left early, ended up going to the hospital to get checked out.  Sounds serious, but I think he had been feeling crappy for a few days and nothing else is really open on Sundays.  Luby's food looked great while being served, but once at the table it looked lifeless.  At least I think it was somewhat healthy and hearty, instead of over-salted trash food.  If only they cooked the bacon a little better...

Headed back to my place, where Erik and I played some N64 games while Kelc and Crystal went to some garage sale stuff.  I knew that was a bad idea from the start.

Did some remote work.  Watched some Breaking Bad. Went for a walk.  Watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  Snoozer.

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