Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013.03.10 Sunday (New Mexico)

Woke up for the tail end of breakfast.  Mmm waffles.

Watched TV most of the day, just sat around, relaxed.  I watched a couple of tv-movies and Kelc just read.

Into the afternoon, we noticed the time... got dressed quickly, headed over to the hotel where the wedding was held (we think).  The area we were heading to was in like a downtown area, but didn't seem like parking lots were full, streets weren't busy, and nobody walking around.

Once we got our bearings, we arrived right on time.  Short and sweet wedding.  The amount of people there was smaller than I imagined in my head, but it made sense to me when I started thinking about it.

Cocktail hour.  I sipped on some vodka tonic and nibbled on some finger foods.  At some point, the young ones found some swords and started running around battling everything.

We sat down for dinner with the pastor and his family.  Somehow I got skipped for soup.  (The wait staff was a tad askew.)  For the speeches and introductions, Nick's dad came out in a Darth Vader costume and the imperial march.  Pretty funny.

Wrapped up dinner, then headed out to the dance floor to get things rollin'.  Kelc and I had to pull people out onto the floor.  If you know either of us, that should sound weird to you.  Some dude threw a glass onto the dance floor and put a break in the partying.  The open bar was pretty nice touch too.

Tired, bed time for Kelc and I.  Road trip time for most of the wedding party.  Yeah... they limited their energy exertion so they could start the journey home.  Crazy.

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