Monday, November 29, 2010

2010.11.27 Saturday

Today was dedicated as a Lakehouse day. Arrived about mid day. My task: building Ikea furniture.

To be precise, I built a skinny cabinet then a wider cabinet. Nothing was really all that challenging with the assembly, but my workspace and tool availability was limited. Pretty sure my arms are going to be sore from all the screwing. I think everything turned out alright though. These pieces will give a lot of extra storage space.

Drove back into town to meet up with the family. Tonight is dinner night, and for dinner: Chez Zee. Supposedly everybody else had been there before. I have not. It sorta has an Austin atmosphere. Only thing I didn't like, a couple walked in to the area we were seated to be seated themselves, and he told the hostess "miss, these are the worst seats in the house, you can do better than that". Jeez dude, no need to be rude. It is very easy to suggest your own seats instead of just telling the host they made a terrible decision. They aren't mind-readers.

Kirbs met up with us at the house. A game of Hand N Foot commenced. Feels like holiday times are closer than I expected.

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