Monday, November 22, 2010

2010.11.20 Saturday

Went to Brushy Creek Skatepark this morning. After a few minutes riding around, I realized that my calve muscles were already worn out. Decided to make use of the time anyways. The big bowl is awesome, the small bowl has some pretty interesting ride techniques. The street area is a little too skinny; you are forced to make sure you aren't running into anybody... and that was without BMX'ers. Speaking of BMX, this one guy showed up with a BMX bike, and not but 3 minutes later a Cedar Park police officer shows up to write a citation and escort him from the premises. This definitely sent some mixed emotions to me. First, BMX and skateboards can mix, but usually don't mix well, so I was kinda glad this guy wasn't going to be riding around. But conversely, he didn't even get a chance to ride around. For all we know, he could have just arrived to watch people skate, or had a friend that he was meeting up with to go on trails or something. Police... i am disappoint.

Back at home, grabbed a quick bite, then started jamming with the guys. This time we tried mic'ing a lot of things, like the drums, kick drum, guitar and bass. I'm rather impressed with the sound. There is always room for improvement and compression, but it sounds clean and mostly balance.

Early dinner with Paul at Kerbey Lane. As expected, the waitress was laid back and not really around that much.. which is fine, but frustrating when you want to pay and leave. We waited around like 20 minutes for the computers to reboot and to print off a piece of paper. I would have paid cash, but they couldn't even print anything.

Went back to my place with Paul, Mark met us there. We enjoyed some Jolly Rancher vodka and observed the A&M vs Nebraska game. Silly that it ended up being 3 field goals beating 2 field goals.

After the game, jammed some more. Courtney showed up and demonstrated her vocal abilities quite nicely. Real life guitar hero/rock band.

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