Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010.11.22 Monday

Nice and short work week. Oh wait, schools these days give off the entire week for thanksgiving. Son of a ... Why didn't they do that when I was in school? Oh yeah, because we actually learned something *burn*

Work is picking up and slowing down at the same time. Very confusing.

After work, went over to a storage unit to pick up some weights. I can tell that my strength has taken a dip. That's all fine and dandy, because I'm getting more of a full body workout with skateboarding. It's some cardio and jumping around, contorting and flexibility, precision and dexterity. Oddly enough, my abs are starting to show more.

Cooked up some mashed taters, a hot dog, and some Zapp's chips for dinner. I think I'll be making a big batch of mashed potatoes for the Friday feast.

Worked on some homework and listened to music. This entire evening, I really limited how much TV I watched. I forgot what this feels like. Back in college, I gave up TV. Maybe I'll get more stuff done if I avoid it whenever possible.

In bed earlier than normal. Score.

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Unknown said...

We always had Thanksgiving week off at Coppell