Monday, November 15, 2010

2010.11.14 Sunday

Wow the weekends hardly feel football-oriented like they used to. Only team I'm kinda following now is The Steelers, and even then I occasionally miss those games.

Dropped Justin off at his car, then continued north and western towards my old neighborhood to drop Kelc off with her family. I continued onwards to drop myself off with my family. My grandma, or "Busha" was in town to spend time with the family and relax, and heal. We watched some NFL then had a feast.

We had brisket, sausage, cole slaw, and potato salad from Rudy's; then we had chicken and rice caserole, green beans, and crescent rolls. One might say that was a mouth-full (har har har).

As with any major amount of food consumption, I fell rather quickly into a food coma. Usually feels like the best sleep.

I picked up Kelc and headed back to my place. She needed to begin her drive home, so she didn't stick around very long.

Watched some of the Steelers, and got to hang out with Ray and Marisa once more before the weekend was over. These weekends never feel long enough.

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