Monday, November 29, 2010

2010.11.28 Sunday

Had to jump start Kelc's car. Out to Fowler's to watch the Steelers game. Went into overtime and won by a field goal barely.

After the game, had to jumpstart Kelc's car again. Awesome. She probably has a dead battery. Quick trip to the Dairy Queen drive through for some blizzards, then off to Auto Zone to get a free battery test. There they did a couple of tests and agreed that the battery was shot. *cue cash register sound* Yay car repair.

On the topic of jump-starting vehicles, I went online later to see what most people online say about jump-starting and cables and whatnot. Most people say to hook up both the positives, then hook up the negative to the good car, then the negative to the body of the bad car. Why hook up the last connection to the body of the car instead of the battery? Because there might be a spark, and that spark might ignite fumes or do some bad to the battery. I would have to say this is highly unlikely, but still a possibility. What's even worse, if you clamp on to the body of the car, there is chance you are not getting that great of a connection, wasting your time. It's a trade-off. The hooking up of both the positive terminals first makes perfect sense to me; the two cars could have much different potentials from true earth ground, so it's just forcing the potentials together. Yay for knowing something about electronics.

Back to my house to be dropped off, and Kelc went on her way back to Arlington. I went over to my parent's since my aunt happened to be in town. Watched some more football there, ate some food, took a mini nap.

And then back to my place to wind-down the weekend and prepare for the work week. Sucks that the extended holiday weekend is already over. Played minecraft and watched some TV. I finished this beauty earlier on in the week, but enjoy.


Unknown said...

It's also a good way to ensure your car is grounded properly. Your car's body should be wired to the negative terminal, and if it's not it won't jump.

Also, how am I supposed to see anything in those pictures?

AndySk8inMan said...

Blogger's system did not link the pictures correctly, so the thumbnails are just thumbnails.

I'll have to re-do the uploads on these pictures...