Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010.11.06 Saturday

Woke up late. We didn't really have any definitive plans for today, but lots of little maybe's here and there. I made us pick something and follow through with it, and if plans fell through, oh well.

Ended up going out to the lakehouse to help Kelc's mom get settled in. This involved some moving of boxes and supplies, organizing, and just helping out in general. The lakehouse has lots of closets tucked away, so in some ways it is hard to pick where things should go. Oh and I think the water softener might actually be working now.

After that, we went up north into Leander to hang out with friends and play games. The festivities started with a bang; a couple of pumpkins were no match for some fireworks. I was a bit worried about shooting off fireworks with the grass in the dry/dying state, but noticed that the neighbor decided to build a huge fire...for no reason...right next to their house.

We invented a game that was pretty simple at first, but then we realized that we needed to clarify some rules to deal with race conditions, and then it started getting much more complicated. Also, since we were playing outside, we started getting numb.

Back inside, we thawed out and re-fueled with food and drinks. Next up... Risk. The game of world domination. The very end of the game started getting drawn out too much, so we ended with an Kelc and my alliance winning.

Next up, an entirely new game. This game has just about everything, and stretches the limits of creativity. I'm not even sure I can describe it accurately, so I'll just say that it was fun and in the dark.

Drove home, passed out completely. Daylight saving time is ending.

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