Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010.11.18 Thursday

This week feels like it has been going by fast and slow at the same time.

Worked an extra long day at work. Also tossed in some group classwork into the mix.

Driving home from work when it is really dark outside sucks. I don't care about having sunlight in the morning. If anything, sunlight in the morning is WORSE because the sun is right at the horizon when I leave, blinding drivers. If I'm on the road between 6:45-7:30a and I have plenty of sunlight to blind me, but at 5:30-6:00p it's completely dark...SOMETHING IS WRONG. Your daylight saving just unbalanced the world. Noon is supposed to be the midpoint.

At home, at some leftover pasta, peanut butter, cheeze-its and grapefruit juice. Fantastic right?

Went out for a skate session. I'm starting to push myself to be more daring. Like jumping over a deck, then 180 over a deck. Landed both of those, pretty scary. Wish there were some sunlight out so I could see what I was doing... Anyways hopefully I can get kickflips and heelflips over a deck down, then I'll start trying to do some gaps or something.

Back inside, I thawed out. Worked on some homework. Yeah... I'm working on homework. *sigh*

Organized some music, and listened to The Window Theatre's new EP, Away (before it's released!). Good stuff. I wish I could put some magic into music like they do. I'm going to have to go skate with those guys soon.

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