Monday, November 1, 2010

2010.10.31 Sunday

Woke up around noon at the lakehouse. Stumbled over to the tv to turn on some NFL. To my surprise, every guest was already gone. I would have thought that people staying up later than me would need to be sleeping in.

Spent some of the morning cleaning up things here and there. Overall it wasn't a terribly messy party, just lots and lots of soda cans (mountain dew to be specific).

We spent more time cleaning than usual because this house will soon be occupied. Kelc's mom is moving out to the lakehouse. She actually showed up with a bunch of boxes for us to help move into the house.

After that, we took a quick ride out on the boat, and learned how to operate the new dock. I was dunked in the water when my footing slipped from the boat.

After that, we left to grab a late lunch / early dinner at Mesa Rosa. Not sure why, but that seemed like the perfect place to go. Left satisfied.

Went home, watched Sunday Night Football, Steelers vs the Saints. Saints came out on top. And I think I had a mini relapse with Vanilla Coke, because I was hyper and couldn't sleep having not had one.

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Kelcey said...

"I was dunked in the water when my footing slipped from the boat."

one tiny sentence, so much trauma