Friday, February 26, 2010

2010.02.26 Friday

I was able to go to bed early yesterday, and I ended up waking before my alarm. Isn't that just great?

Whilst at work, I hit album number 150 in my quest to listen to as much as possible. If we assume that each album has 12 songs, each 3 minutes long, that totals up to 5400 minutes, or 90 hours, or 3.75 days thus far. Remember that is just a conservative estimate.

Early on in the morning while I was listening, I was interrupted by something that struck me as abnormal. A lady not too far away was yelling obscenities on the phone to someone. Now normally, things are rather quiet here. The walls and carpeting really take down the noise levels of everything going on. This lady's office wasn't that close, and she was definitely yelling. Lots of F bombs, name calling, and repetition of the same insults. Now while that was entertaining to listen to, it was also slightly scary. And also, I think it's pretty awesome that I work at a place where other people will just completely ignore personal business and F-bombs even though they could clearly hear every bit of it. Yay for being adult? Well, I'm not really an adult since it excited me so much, but I get to pretend every day. Maybe I should call work the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Wow I didn't realize PBS did such awesome pixel-art.

Went to get Kelc and hit up the grocery store. Then back to my place for a fun night.

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