Monday, February 15, 2010

2010.02.13 Saturday

Today is a bacon frying day. Yeah definitely a bacon day. Slight headache from the two beers last night (told you I was lightweight right?) so I want me some bacon.

Took care of some bidness, then picked Kelc up from the airport.

Sat around and watched some Smallville, goofed around. Not really much going on. We had dinner plans at Sullivan's Steakhouse. A very traditional place for us to go and celebrate special occasions as a couple. I'd have to say that the food this time was sub-par compared to all the other times we've gone. Not cooking my steak correctly and serving it more cool than warm is just not satisfactory for the type of place it is. The rest of the food was great, and dessert was a nice touch. At least I feel like we got a deal out of it since it was Vday weekend. On our way out of the restaurant I overheard a lady saying that they are an hour and half behind filling the reservations. So glad I picked the earlier time available. Maybe they were short staffed.

We stopped by Dave and Busters on the way back to play some games and just goof around. Pretty sure it's my new place to waste time and money. Maybe it is the similarity to Vegas, maybe because I'm a tech-nerd; who knows.

To wrap up the night, watched some TV and Smallville, then hit the sack.

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