Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010.02.24 Wednesday

Ah hump day already? Feels like this week is going by slowly. Conversely, if it were a 4-day week, I'd feel like its going by too fast.

In my journey to listen to all the music I can, I've completed over 130 albums so far. Not bad right? I think I need to pick up the pace a bit. Anyways, today I stumbled across a band, or a project, that is similar to Neon Indian, called Washed Out. I think this genre, "chillwave" is one of my favorites right now. Every song I have found just has a great feel to it. I'll have to look into this subculture that is brewing, but I'd like to learn where exactly it came from.

I worked late so I didn't have all the much time to work on music, but I DID IT ANYWAYS. Heh heh. Lack of sleep should make tomorrow fun.

I also went to the gym after work. Completely tore up my biceps and did a pretty interesting mix of exercises. I wish we could go back to ancient roman times when people would work hard to take care of their bodies, but also have pig-out days where they would go puke in the corner just so they could eat more food, oh and the sex...

Wait a tic. Has that much really changed since then? Seems like the peak of the roman empire isn't too terribly different from the current world. Should we expect a massive collapse soon? Probably :-P


Kelcey said...

how many albums do you have?

AndySk8inMan said...

a lot.