Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010.02.19 Friday

Ah finally a day to just waste some time. Well, I decided to not go to Arlington this weekend. Kelc has a lot of stuff going on, and I'm feeling pretty un-optimistic about spending days there. Better to be grumpy by myself than grumpy with a bunch of people watching me right?

I most just sat around and played games or watched tv. Perfect veg-out. I beat Super Mario Bros. That means I've done all three. Number 2 was probably the most annoying, and number 1's controls take a while to adjust to. Should I go for the "Lost Levels"? I hear it's a real b**ch.

I worked on some music. I'm almost done with my next song. It's a pre-track to a song I wrote a long time ago. Progress with my music writing is getting better and faster. I'm wondering how long it might be until I have enough for an album.

I fell asleep around 7p and woke up about 10p and couldn't go back to sleep. Luckily JewBoy came home and we messed around with ancient guitar stuff. I still didn't end up going to sleep till super late.

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