Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010.02.08 Monday

Back to the grindz.

Worked pretty well today. Totally cracked down on some of this project.

I'm starting to get a feeling like I need to spend money on something. I haven't had anything delivered to the house in at least a month, and I haven't treated myself to anything nice. I don't know if this is some indirect jealousy or just getting bored of the day-to-day sameness. I'm going to hold off a bit longer, or at least until I see something go on sale.

At home, I made a slightly large meal, but at a good portion of it. Now I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Also cleaned up the kitchen. I think that is supposed to be one of the chores that we rotate through... but I don't think anybody has really done any chores in a good while now. Wishful thinking...

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