Monday, February 1, 2010

2010.01.30 Saturday

Went to Ihop for late breakfast. It was alright.

Ray and I split off from the girls. They went to check out the new doggy that Girl Taylor now has.

Later on the happy couple left, and Kelc and I took a pretty long nap. People around my house were leaving to go to Highball for a Sci-Fi night dance. By the time we got there (an hour after everybody else) they were already packed and we (again) did not want to be outside downtown. So we left to...

Dave and Busters, for some food and fun. The food, I liked my meal except for the super sweet sauce they put all over my chicken. And Kelc's looked pretty good minus the fatty drippings.

Oh well, we played a bunch of games and dominated The Lost World, Jurassic Park shooting game.

Afterwards, we just chilled and went to bed.

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