Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010.02.12 Friday

Ah finally the end of the work week. Fridays are normally shorter, but I ended up working a normal "long" day. Lunch was leftover hamburger helper. I used to be able to eat an entire box, but lately I've been trying to focus my meal efforts on having leftovers; that way I don't waste money on going out for food every day. Every little bit helps right?

After work, ate a quick bite of some rather unhealthy food, then took a nap. By nap, I mean I was out for a good few hours. Stopped by chik-fil-a before going downtown for JuEw's concert.

Third Coast Renegades. They were really good. Everything was very clean sounding, like they knew exactly what they were doing, and have been doing it for a while now. Justin also nailed all the solos, the singer didn't have any trouble making it through the entire show, the drummer kept tempo and added energy, and the bassist rounded out everything without missing a note (as far as I could tell).

I must be turning into a pretty cheap drunk. After one glass I was feeling pretty good; then after the second glass I was getting tipsy and leaning on things.

Oh and some cougar was eying me down all night. Could have done without that, but I guess it's flattering...

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Unknown said...

actually I caught a missed note by the bassist ;)