Friday, February 26, 2010

2010.02.25 Thursday

Well today was one of those days. Things just seemed off. I felt like productivity was lower than usual, but I still managed to learn some things and get stuff done.

I semi-missed an optional meeting, but still got free Rudy's BBQ, but it was cold.

After work I took care of a few things around the house, then actually went skateboarding! How exciting. I can still do an ollie, and 180 both frontside and backside. I'm really not as steady as I used to be, so flip tricks just won't work. Hopefully I can do this for a few minutes each day and build up some of those stabilizing muscles in my legs, and gain some more balance, and increase my vertical jump, and get fresh air/tan started. Win-win-win-win.

Cooked up a pizza for din din. Ate 5 of 8 pieces. Did my laundry, plus more. Played with MavDog.

Worked on some music too. I set up the condenser microphone that I got a few months back and started just playing some acoustic guitar. It's funny how I let a friend borrow it for a few days, and suddenly I miss it and want to play on it more. Surprisingly, my fingers lasted throughout the entire jam session.

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