Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010.02.02 Tuesday

Two two Tuesday? Interesting for that little groundhog dude.

Well I started yesterday something new at work. My goal is to listen to all the music I have. For starters, I use the "Album of the Day" shortcut on my mp3 player (it's essentially just a random album picker), and I listen to whatever comes up. No skipping songs, no fast forwarding. After listening, I delete the album from my mp3 player so I doesn't come up when I use the shortcut again. There are about 230 albums on my player so this should be fun. After that, I'll dig into my computer and get more 'new music'. This is forcing me to listen to more songs and (somewhat) study various intricacies of music.

Skipped the gym as a 'recovery day'. Didn't really feel like I got enough sleep so I shouldn't make the problem worse.

At home, snacked on some food and started up working on music again. This new project has about 60% of the groundwork laid out. Things are moving quite fast, and I like it.

Watched Lost with some friends. All 3 hours...*sigh*. I wonder how long episodes would be without tons of extra commercials AND all the silent/suspense-building time in the episodes. I continually try to explain this to people, but they deny it.

Mmmm pizza. The new Domino's crust is delicious, probably fattening. I liked the old kind, never had any complaints from me.

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