Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011.10.22 Saturday

Slept in rather late.

Went with Habs and Taytay to view some houses with his realtor. There is one house that Habs really likes, I would guess that he is already blind to other options. But hey, if you find something you like, might as well snatch it up and take advantage of the great record-low interest rates.

Back home, showered and cleaned myself up, then downtown. My sister and Erik are now engaged, and wanted to throw a little celebration with friends and family. Sort of a meet-and-greet, with a bar tab and awesome pizza. As the event was winding down, a band showed up. I stuck around to check out the music. It was interesting.

Drove home, then received a text from Marisa seeing if Kerbey Lane could happen. I drank some red bull and headed over to grab a small bite.

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