Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011.10.18 Tuesday

Today I had a lot of trouble getting myself motivated. Then a guy that I work with came by to chat, saying he too was having difficulty getting off the ground. Just one of those days. Feeling like a cog in a machine that just never stops. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Originally, there were plans to have volleyball today, but that fell through because we were experiencing 20mph winds with gusts on top of that. Feels great outside, but would make volleyball an interesting battle. At the end of the work day, I went to the gym to do some exercises with low weight.

Post-work, I spent some time getting more music lined up. I'm still cranking through music.

Habs and I went for a little bike ride over to Taylor's apartment. It was about 10k total distance, but has some interesting hills and slopes. Felt a little on the chilly side, but was great. I have decided I need to get myself a bike now. It is much less impact on my knees and ankles, and I can feel my muscles getting more of a workout. Instead of aching at the end of a run, I feel the burn.

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