Monday, October 3, 2011

2011.10.02 Sunday - NFL

I was able to sleep in pretty long, but my sleep was interrupted quite a few times throughout the night. Even though we arrived at 1am, there were people drinking and celebrating in the downstairs lobby of the hotel. Girls love screaming.

Also, the air conditioning would kick on loudly once it was too hot in the room, then would cool it down to being too cold. Repeat that about 20 times.

Got dressed and skidattled down to checkout. We set everything up so that once we came back later in the day, all we had to do was grab our luggage from the desk, then grab our vehicles from the valet. Not bad.

Then the trek started. First, a quick 3-4 block walk over to the metro rail stop. Then a ~10 minute walk from the train to the stadium. Then waiting in line. Then walking up tons of ramps. Then waiting in line to buy a drink. Finally... we were in our seats. By the time we were situated, it was rather close to game time. Good timing.

The game went by rather quickly. The commercial breaks didn't feel that long at all. The Texans Fans do a few things that I haven't experienced with a live football game. For instance, the announcer guy will leave sentences unfinished for the fans to fill in like "12-yard gain, good for a Texans....." (then the fans pipe in) "FIRST DOWN". Interesting way of getting the crowd involved. They also had a few news-reporter-style people giving updates on other games during the downtime, but the lady was pretty bleh at it, and you could barely hear her. The fans weren't that bad, but some were really obnoxious. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Overall, most of the fans around us were pretty civil. If I had to guess, about 1 out of every 10 fans was a Steelers fan. That could be way off, but that's what it seemed like. A lot more fans than I was expecting.

Unfortunately, the Steelers could not pull it together as a team, and the Texans wasted a lot of time off the clock. Not looking to be that great of a season for the Black and Yellow.

Did the reverse steps to get back to the hotel. There we stopped for dinner at Benihanna, since the ATX location closed.

Grabbed our luggage, packed up the cars and rolled on home. I listened to a couple episodes of radiolab. That really helped the time fly by. Kelc took another nap.

Home, sleep.

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